Album: The Soul Child

Album: Lord Judah
August 12, 1999
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Album: The Soul Child

The Soul Child

Released in 1996 on Cassette Tape ,This is the project that Birthed The ” Lord Judah ” with All Production and Lyrics written and performed by Lord Judah at the Tender Age of 20 . Soul Child was a previous name that I Lord Judah Held so the combination gives the Title ” Lord Judah The Soul Child “. The picture was drawn by Lord Judah Himself, and it is meant to describe the journey of the listener as well as Lord Judah Himself into the Realms of the Unknown. You will hear the Mystic , Spiritual, and Pre-Political Side of The Young Lord on this One.

You can listen to these tracks directly on the site or download The Soul Child.

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Bonafied Spirit

The Night Breed

The Infinite

The Realms of the Unknown

No Escape


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