Album: Hells Hostage

Hells Hostage

2006 And Allot has Transpired in the Life of Cornell Carelock , so “Lord Judah” was on a different plane at that juncture. Th e Hells Hostage Epic is All of The Travels experiences and Moves Made in between Making The Music of “Lord Judah” while trying the Best to Free Oneself from The Clutches of The BEAST. From an Artistic Perspective ” It Now All Makes Sense ” . With Production From Rahemian Lord Judah Begins Partnering with other Producers as His Lyrical and Conceptual Sharpness becomes More Intense. He also begins to Feature other Artist such as the late Great ” Supa Self ” and “Woodshlem“. The Epic Begins For Real !

HELLS HOSTAGE 1.5 ” THE BEAT ALBUM Would Follow this Displaying Lord Judahs Production and Adding to the Story of the Epic of “HELLS HOSTAGE”

You can listen to these tracks directly on the site or download The Hells Hostage or The Hells Hostage 1.5.

Check out the the Entire Hells Hostage Epic

Hells Hostage

Making Moves

Grand Central

Fear Itself

The Beast in the Park

W.I.C. When It Comes Back

Thaught Supaself

Funk Radio

Hells Rebels

Dooms Day Sway


Just Getting StarteD Woodshelm

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