I Always Enjoy Sharing my Passion with The Youth and People in general , but My workshops have been some of the Greatest Teaching and Learning Experiences in my Life. As I continue to Observe How Hip Hop Plays such a Vital Role In our Youths Lives I begin to Challenge Myself more and more to create Programs /Events/Workshops that will provide them with Mental and Conscious Growth Spurts .

 LORD JUDAH STORY “ The Life and Times of A Hip Hop Hybrid” ( Chapter 2 Excerpt , Supported by Pictures)

WHERE IT ALL STARTED MY POPS DJ SET IN P.AIt was the Summer of 1992 and I was 14 going on 15. I wanted so badly to make music so I purchased my first Sampler and 4 Track in order to Create the Hip Hop that I fell in love with.  I grew up seeing my Mom use Music to unwind , and I saw how influential it was in my Fathers life. My Dad Dj’d and I would play with his equipment when I would go visit him. His Dj room was always my favorite room to be in. In 1990 I was 12 and my Love for music and passion for wanting to create it grew into me asking my dad for my first and only drum set. He bought it for me for Christmas and it was fitting that it was red because I put my Mother Through Hell with that Drum Set.


The next year or two say 1991-1992 I wanted to Now Dj so my Dad got me my first Dj Set “ That Christmas” He also would give me the current records of the Time from a Record Pool that he was a part of. Before becoming a Jr. Dj and having that experience with music my main influence were Artist like Michael Jackson, Prince ( My Mother took me to see Purple Rain) Run Dmc , LL, Africa Bambatta . Movies Like Breakin , Beat Street and a Local T.V Show Called “ Video Music Box” , but as I began to listen to Hip Hop and how it used James Browns Music I began to Search through the Old School Records that my Mom had. As I became more skilled as a Dj I would use a Technique which is called back to back to keep the drums of a particular song playing extended. Of course I had to have to two of the same records and often times I did “ Especially James Brown “ . I loved to cut up the beginning of the Big Payback  and my name would eventually spread around the neighborhood , and my local Mc friends from the block would come over and Rap to my Mixes.

Soon then I realized that in order to make the music that I wanted to from my ideas ,I needed to get some production equipment. So at age 14 I could no longer ask for stuff that I really wanted I needed to get a Job to buy it myself. So my Brother helped me to get my first job working for Funtastic Amusements in Rye Playland. I worked at the Beach Shop and I would use that money to get my first sampler and 4 Track from Sam Ash Music Store in White Plains , N.Y My Hometown.


Its was the Summer of 92 and I was 15 and as far as my passion for Hip Hop that is when it started , However my passion for Art started when I was just in Pre-K “ My First Drawing was E.T”  The Teachers and students were Impressed and in 4th Grade is when I really started to get into expressing myself through Art. I Also was Influenced by my Grandfathers Art ( My Moms Dad) because his paintings would be up All around my Great Grandmothers home, where I would Always stay After School ,because my mom worked 9-5 p.m . So my first passion was Art then it was Music and along the way I would find ways to blend the two. Hip Hop also Influenced that Union for me.

LAWLESS IMAGEOnce I was able to Sample my own record Ideas I Explored Music much more and that was all that I wanted to do. It was Hip Hop that Inspired me to listen to all genres of music with the hopes of finding something that Creatively Blended with my Soul so that I could Inspire either myself or another to Create lyrics that would also Inspire. My Young Producer name spread around White Plains and Greenburgh and I would host many Mc’s at my House until 5:00 p.m before my Mom got Home. I would also compose some of my own Rhymes which I had began to become quite good at . My Mc Name was “ The Soul Child “ of course Influenced by James Brown’s Music. At this time in my life the current Hip Hop scene was Influencing the world heavy and my Favorites were Artist like Public Enemy , Tribe Called Quest , Jungle Brothers, KRS-1 , and Many of the Artist that got their work to the level of presentation. That Same Summer I went back to Playland  to work so that I could get more Equipment of course, But I went back aas a producer and gained some new found attention amongst my co-workers with my Demos. I formed a group with a co -worker from the Bronx named Chris and we called ourselves “ Lawless Image”

And I was the Producer / Mc Ala Pete Rock and CL Smooth. We were young but we got it some ways . I Remember going to record at Mister Magiks Legendary Studio in Manhattan . I was a little Intimidated  to do my Verse but the beat that I made was Hot though. I sampled Tammy Terrells part when she said “ Call Your Name” and put the “ Lets Get it On “ groove to the verse along with Positive K’s “ A Good Combination” Drum Loop. The name of the song was “ Call Your Name” And it would have probably been a Hit. My Boy had Serious Girl Problems ( Baby Moms Drama ) .
Anyway I kept doing Music and in 1996 I was known as  “ The Soul Child “

In 1994 However I met a Fellow Westchester HipHoppa at another Job that my Brother got me at Edwards Supermarket . We were Both working overnight shift and began talking Hip Hop .

It just so Happens we both had our own Demos on us at the Time so we popped them into the radios and Magic Happened . My fellow workers name was Greg Thomas and he went by the Name “ Soulmattic” We would Eventually go on to form the group “Sun Hot” in 2001 and we are still recording to this Day. “ Sun Hot Website / Story Coming Soon “. In 96 I Created the Self Entitled work “ Lord Judah The Soul Child “

And at this point my Style had developed to a Spiritual Soulful Presentation . I Feel that my life with Asthma has always caused me to Appreciate Breathing Life so it influenced my thinking to a more other side kind of concept, and when I would Create Those kind of Spiritual Sounds are what drew me more as a producer which in turn Influenced my Lyrics so I Consider myself a SAGE Mc or GRIOT Mc because I put All Things in perspective from the moment of me exploring Sounds for my Music.


In High School one of my Greatest Influences was Bob Marley . It was Through his music and the Rastafarian Culture that I gained a greater Appreciation for the Spiritual Realm as well as the proper dietary approach for an optimal life with no Health Issues or Disease. After a few months and years of practice of the Vegetarian lifestyle I Learned how to suppress my Asthma and at this point would consider myself quite a Health Guru, and I Am always Reading About the Spiritual World. As far as my name “LORD JUDAH” Judah Came from a Rastafarian Brother that Both I and Soulmattic Worked with named Gady. One Day he asked me when I was Born and I said August 12 . (Coincidence Hip Hops Popular Birth Date is August 11 1973) He Immediately Looked at me and said “ JUDAH” . The Name stuck because in High School I was known to read the Book of Revelations . In fact it is the only Book of the Bible that I would Read . I guess the Influence of wanting to know what was after life came from my Brief Brushes with Death via my Severe Asthma .

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