Judah Bless Ent. Est 2004 Is A Hip Hop Entertainment Company Specializing in the Many Evolving Forms of Hip Hop And Music Expression

Lord Judah is a Teacher and student of Hip Hop and music culture. Having been A Professional Teaching Artist of more than ten years He has worked along with many civic-based organizations, schools and community groups, in regards to Social Justice and Social Action and Continues to develop creative strategies for translating positive proactive messaging into Art.

About Lord Judah

Cornell Carelock A.K.A LORD JUDAH has been in love with music since he was 13 years old . On a summer day in 1992 he purchased his very own sampler, it was not a top of the line piece but it began the journey and the mission of one young man who would learn how to touch those who hear his music in such a profound way that he would be given the name “LORD JUDAH” because his sound has a majestic feel to it.

In his journey he has also encountered many artist young and old who he would build a relationship with musically. Having produced hundreds of songs on a local level and getting various industry exposure from his music he decided that he would give back to the youth some of the very precious and valuable information that he received in his travels. Since then Cornell A.K.A “LORD JUDAH” has been teaching his own brand of hip hop appreciation to the youth of his community and beyond, with a style that can be adapted to any school curriculum and molded to assist any goal.

The purpose of his classes is to pass along and save precious information, as well as give youth pride in themselves and in their culture’s. Judah says ” in today’s era we are forced to move fast and in doing so we deny ourselves the necessary amount of time it takes to process what it is that we are actually going through. “It seems that for most of us that time that we get to slow things down happens when we create or listen to music, so we MUST keep it positive and refreshing for all ears”. Judah is Currently working on a series of albums both ,solo and with his group Sun Hot and continues to develop his Company Judah Bless Ent.

Judah Teaches upon the 9 Elements of Hip Hop and All are well informed about the History by the End of his Residency.

Hands-on Specialized Training with Many Organizations and Music Groups

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