Skylie and Her Grandfather's Fantastic Day in the Park!

Four and a half year-old Skylie is boldly calling down to her nervous-face grandfather from the top step of the park’s big kids’ slide, loudly declaring that she is going to go down the wide, snaky slide all by herself. Several minutes later, not quite yet finished with her dare-devil activities, Skylie walks over to the big kids’ rock wall, and fearlessly informs her anxious grandfather that she is going to climb all the way to the top of the bumpy wall.

The relocation of Skylie and her grandfather onto the park’s grassy field, instantly puts a bright, broad smile on the face of Skylie’s grandfather, as he humorously engages Skylie in a series of animated, animal guessing games. Nothing but lots of love and fun are shared by Skylie and her grandfather in SKylie and Her Grandfather’s Fantastic Day in the Park! Come and join them.