My Workshops Are Designed to Bring People Closer To an Appreciation of Life Through Artistic Expression of Hip Hop.

Workshop Example

Lord Judah

Activity 1 – What is Hip Hop?

Activity Goals:

  1. Impact popular culture Students will research and define the word culture
  2. Students will learn the difference between rap and Hip Hop
  3. Students will learn that there can be more than one way to

Social Goals:

  1. Students will leave with an appreciation and respect for all cultures

Materials Needed:

  1. Notebooks, pencils, pens, folders
  2. Computers with internet access

Specialist will need:

  1. VH1/DVD of Hip Hop History
  2. Computers with internet access and printer
  3. Compartment to keep folders in


Ask every student what they feel the difference between rap and Hip Hop is and then ask them to define the word culture.

Step 1:
Give the definition of culture; the skills of a given people in a given period.

Step 2:
Students will learn about the different immigrant nations that came to America to live and brought aspects of their original cultures with them. (Open discussion)

Step 3:
Students will then use internet to find and write down three aspects of a culture of another group of people in the world.

Step 4:
Students will watch video documentary of early Hip Hop in America and see how there were similarities in all cultures (followed by open discussion)

Step 5:
Students will always be allowed an outlet day which is a day that allows students that are already somewhat developed in rapping and singing and producing